Do you use your back yard every chance you get, or do you simply stare out the window at the wide open space? At Backyard Discovery, we specialize in making backyard products that will make you fall in love with your yard again. We offer a wide range of quality outdoor wooden accessories. Explore our wooden swing sets, cedar pergola swings and picnic tables. Enhance your landscaping with an oasis garden or a decorative pond or a beautiful shed. You can even add a playhouse for the kids or a doghouse for your favorite canine.


Backyard Discovery is based in Kansas. We are well-known for our outdoor swing sets, but we have many other products to offer. Learn more about us, or just explore the backyard accessories we have available. It's time to rediscover your back yard. We can help you make it happen.

Buy Swingsets Delivered and Assembled

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Backyard Discovery Playsets

Backyard Discovery swing sets are made from 100 percent cedar for 100 percent fun. They're naturally weather-resistant, and they look beautiful in backyards. We have outdoor playsets with slides, monkey bars, rock walls, crow's nests, and more!

And, these swingsets are priced for every family budget so you're sure to find a swingset that is perfect for your family. Many of them are available at your favorite retailers, too. Just click the button, "Find a Store" to see where your favorite swingset can be purchased. Still have questions? Call us at 855-308-6871! 

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Highlander Playset

Backyard Odyssey Playsets

Backyard Odyssey swingsets by Backyard Discovery are modular, meaning you can select from one of four towers, then add components like slides, swings, and rock walls to your hearts and budgets content. Want more? Add on as the kids and family grow! Even add more towers, slides and swings until you have a virtual city in your backyard!

For even more fun, design your own Backyard Odyssey swingset by going to our online swingset designer.

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There are a ton of unique swing set accessories that make your playset even more fun for your family. From swings to steering wheels, adding swing set accessories will give your kid’s imagination more room to grow, and will add to the fun for years to come.

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Play Houses

The wooden outdoor playhouses will provide the perfect place for your kids to play and learn! With real doors, windows, porches and more, the children's wooden playhouses are a great addition to your backyard.

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Cedar Chateau

Buy Decorative Ponds

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Patio products are a great addition to your backyard. Our backyard patio products, such as our picnic tables, have durable construction so they will last for years. They are made to resist fading, staining and stand up to both heat and cold. With the purchase of a Backyard Discovery patio product, you'll have a piece you will be able to enjoy in your backyard for years to come.

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Green Picnic Table

Dog Houses

Our all-cedar dog cottages are a great home for the family's best friend. Plenty of room for all but the largest of dogs, these homes have weather barrier doors and a gable window for plenty of light. These dog cottages are protected from the weather, and will be a comfortable outdoor home that will last for your beloved pup.

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Deluxe Dog Cottage

Custom Installed Sheds

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