This cute "country home" playhouse has a red wood roof and front porch dormer. Just like our other playhouses, this one is all cedar and has shutters and mutton bars on the windows. There are white accents everywhere including large shutters on the side. There's a bay window on one side and the rear. The other side has a snack window with large country shutters that really open and close! An attached bench lets the gang relax while enjoying refreshments. And there's more! Inside there are fun play accessories including a stove, sink, phone, and clock. There's even a doorbell so the kids can ring it as much as they want! The kids will play for hours!

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Cedar Chateau Playhouse Features

Item# 6511        

A cute country-styled cottage with red roof, bay windows and snack window... PLUS cool interior accessories!

  • All cedar playhouse with red wood roof and front porch dormer
  • Country home feel 
  • Bay window and regular window with shutters and mutton bars
  • White accents around door, shutters, and planter boxes 
  • Side window snack stand with bench
  • Play stove, sink, phone, clock and real doorbell !

Cedar Chateau Playhouse Specs

Item# 6511

Dimensions: 5' 8" W x 5' 4" D x 5' 8" H

Weight: 140 lbs.