The Brookfield is a great swingset that is all cedar and is made just like the larger, more expensive swingsets. It has an upper fort that has a wood roof, sunburst end gables and even a sun porch out front. The lower fort has a real front door, a side snack window with integrated bench, and plenty of sand box play area inside. A standard step ladder gets the kiddos up to the fort and our 8' speedy slide zips them back down to the yard. Out on the swing beam there are two belts swings and a two-person ship's wheel glider. The kids will love the Brookfield and it will fit in smaller yards so it's perfect for a growing family's home.

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Brookfield Features

Item# 30113com     features:   8 Foot Slide Grab Handles Swing    

All cedar swingset with upper and lower forts and Ship's Wheel Glider

  • Double forts, upper and lower
  • Upper fort has wood roof, sunburst gables and front porch
  • Lower fort has real front door and side snack window with bench
  • Standard step ladder
  • 8' speedy slide
  • Two belt swings
  • Two-person Ship's Wheel Glider
  • Upper deck dimensions: 48" x 38"
  • Upper deck height: 4'

Brookfield Specs

Item# 30113com

Dimensions: 13' 10" W x 11' 11" D x 9' 2 H

Weight: 300 lbs.

Brookfield setup dims 882x500 view larger footprint

Brookfield Videos

Brookfield Swingset Overview