The Monterey is a huge swingset made from 100% cedar and it has both upper and lower clubhouses. The upper clubhouse has a wood roof, oval portholes for keeping watch on the yard, and a sun porch for plenty of fresh air. The lower clubhouse has a front door, side openings, and a snack window with integrated bench. There is a solid rock wall as well as a standard step ladder to reach the 5' high upper deck and a 10' speedy slide for sliding fun. The strong swing beam has two belt swings and a two-person Ship's Wheel Glider. This one will last for years and will keep the whole gang happy!

Monterey Features

Item# 6012     features:   Grab Handles Swing 10 Foot Slide Rockwall    

Huge set with dual clubhouses

  • Dual clubhouses, upper and lower
  • Upper clubhouse has wood roof and oval portholes
  • Upper deck has sun porch
  • Lower clubhouse has front door and side openings, snack window with bench
  • Solid rock wall ladder
  • 10' speedy slide
  • Two belts swings and a two-person Ship's Wheel Glider
  • Upper deck dimensions: 72" x 43"
  • Upper deck height: 5'

Monterey Specs

Item# 6012

Dimensions: 16' 6" W x 13' 7" D x 10' 6" H

Weight: 700 lbs.

Monterey swingset view larger footprint

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Monterey Swingset Product Overview