The Oxford is an awesome swing set that has many cool features to keep the kids playing all day. Starting with an upper deck clubhouse that has mutton bars on the windows, a wood roof, and end gables. There is a sun porch out one end of the clubhouse and a raised crow's nest out the other. A solid rock wall climbs the heights to the crow's nest and a standard ladder rises to the sun porch. A telescope is on the railing of the crow's nest for checking out the whole backyard. There's even a sporty steering wheel! Down below there's a colorful bouncy tube with sunlight portholes and nearby, a snack stand for relaxing and refreshing. On the swing beam there are two belt swings and a wave rider boogie board swing. The 10' speedy slide has a bump in the middle for maximum sliding fun and 3 sound modules that make cool noises when you zip by on the way down. This one has it all!

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Oxford Features

Item# 6111     features:   10 Foot Slide Grab Handles Rockwall Swing Telescope    

Awesome multi-level decks, bouncy tube, and boogie board swing!

  • Huge angled fort structure for maximum strength
  • Large raised clubhouse with wood roof, end gables, and wood mutton bars on the windows
  • Sun porch
  • Higher level crow's nest with telescope and steering wheel
  • Solid rock wall ladder with grip rope
  • Colorful bouncy tube with sunlight portholes
  • Snack stand
  • 10' speedy slide with 3 excitement sound modules
  • Two belt swings
  • Wave rider boogie board swing
  • Standard ladder
  • Upper clubhouse dimensions: 47" x 44"
  • Sun Porch dimensions: 27" x 44"
  • Crow's Nest dimensions: 28" x 44"
  • Upper deck height: 5'
  • Crow's Nest height: 6'

Oxford Specs

Item# 6111

Dimensions: 20' 8" x 13' 8" x 10' 8"

Weight: 900 lbs.

Oxford view larger footprint

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