The Parkview is fantastic! It has a raised clubhouse with step ladder and mutton bars on the windows. The sun porch is on a higher level and is the platform for the solid rock wall, the monkey bars, and the 10' speedy slide. Dow below there's a deck and sand box area. The swing area has two belt swings and a wave rider boogie board swing! Then for relaxing there's a separate picnic table. The Parkview makes a park out of your own backyard!

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Parkview Features

Item# 31011     features:   10 Foot Slide Grab Handles Rockwall Swing    

Awesome swing set with raised clubhouse, swings, monkey bars, rock wall and separate picnic table

  • Raised clubhouse with wood roof, end gables, and mutton bars on the windows
  • Second-level sun porch
  • Monkey bars
  • 10' speedy slide
  • Solid rock wall
  • Lower deck and sand box area
  • Separate picnic table
  • Two belt swings and wave rider boogie board swing

Parkview Specs

Item# 31011

Dimensions: 17' 10" W x 19' 8" D x 9' 6" H

Weight: N/A

Parkview view larger footprint

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