The Prescott backyard playset is full of climbing, sliding, swinging fun! The covered upper deck offers just enough shade for kicking back and surveying your kingdom before popping down the slide to play some more. The Prescott's frame is angled for added stability, with safety handles at the top of the rock wall ladders. A swing set of two belt swings and a trapeze bar invite your kids to "fly" all day long!

Prescott Playset Features

Item# 65011com     features:   8 Foot Slide Grab Handles Swing    

Full featured playset with all the goodies for a very low price

  • Fabric canopy cover on the upper deck
  • 8' Super Safe Speedy Slide
  • 2 swings and trapeze bar
  • Rock wall ladder
  • Angled frame for maximum stability
  • Upper deck dimensions: 49" x 22"
  • Upper deck height: 4'
  • Sand required: 5 cu ft

Prescott Playset Specs

Item# 65011com

Dimensions: 11' 2" W x 11' 7" D x 8' 2" H

Weight: 200 lbs.

Prescott view larger footprint

Prescott Playset FAQ

Q: How should I maintain my set??

A playset is a large wooden structure that requires maintenance. There are many customers whose playsets last for years as a result of simple steps taken to ensure the wood's longevity. The wood on your Adventure Playset comes with a thin coat of stain that provides uniform coloration. Stain does not protect wood, however. Most customers have the best results when they sand and stain their wood then seal it with an oil-based sealant. In order to maintain your warranty you must maintain the wood and inspect it monthly. Remember, stain is for color and sealant is for protection.

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