The Pathfinder outdoor wooden playset has a covered upper wooden deck that extends to cover the lower area as well. The wooden swingset of two belt swings and a two-person glider keeps up to four happily rocking at one time. Scamper up to the deck on the combo ladder/rock wall and then zip down on the Super Safe Speedy Slide. A three-person picnic table lets the gang cool off before going at it again. Years of fun come with this outdoor playset as well as great value.

Pathfinder Features

Item# 65008     features:   8 Foot Slide Grab Handles Swing    

Great value! Covered upper deck and lower lemonade stand add even more fun to the slide, swings, and climbing.

  • Covered upper deck
  • Covered 3-person picnic table
  • Rock wall ladder
  • 2 belt swings and a two-person glider
  • Super Safe Speedy Slide
  • Upper deck dimensions: 43" x 43"
  • Upper deck height: 4'

Pathfinder Specs

Item# 65008

Dimensions: 18' 5" W x 9' 6" D x 9' 9" H

Weight: 280 lbs.

Pathfinder Footprint view larger footprint