The Patriot II swingset has an awesome upper clubhouse with second level sun porch. Down below there's a two-level play deck / sand box and a picnic table. A standard ladder and solid rock wall allow climbing to be both easy or challenging. The 10' slide is fast and fun! This swingset has two belt swings and a two-person glider so four can swing at once. The slide and rock wall positions can be swapped for smaller yards. (sand sold separately)

NOTE: Slide may be single piece wave slide instead of multi-piece wave slide

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Patriot II

Patriot II Features

Item# 44010     features:   10 Foot Slide Rockwall Swing Grab Handles    

A great swing set with raised clubhouse, lower playdeck, 10' speedy slide and lots more!

  • Raised clubhouse with second level sun porch
  • Lower fort with play deck and sand box with picnic table
  • 10' Speedy Slide
  • Standard ladder
  • Solid rock wall ladder
  • Two belts swings and a two-person glider
  • Slide and rock wall positions can be swapped
  • Dimensions with slide out front: 16' 2" W x 15' 5" D x 9' 6" H
  • Dimensions with slide out the side: 24' 2" W x 7' 5" D x 9' 6" H

Patriot II Specs

Item# 44010

Dimensions: 24' 2" W x 7' 5" D x 9' 6" H

Weight: 650 lbs.

Patriot II Footprint view larger footprint

Patriot II FAQ

Q: What is the difference between the various brands on your site??

We manufacture a number of playsets under different brands so that it easier for customers to differentiate sets sold by one retailer versus another. They are all manufactured by us suing the same wood and quality processes.

Q: Why is your website price higher/lower than other sites or local stores??

Like everyone else we use a standard method to price our playsets. Pricing of the products is certainly up to our dealers, resellers, and us individually. Some resellers choose to charge more but include shipping. Others charge less but shipping is added on top of the product price. Depending on how far you live from the shipping point, you might do better or worse with shipping included. Most of our products ship from the central US (Kansas City, MO, Pittsburg, KS, or Siloam Springs, AR).

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