The Windsor II backyard playset impresses with an awesome raised fort topped by a wooden roof, with sides, bay windows, dormers, and a covered front porch. Railings surround both the lower deck and the sand box area (sand sold separately). It provides hours of fun with a wooden swing set of two belt swings and a two-person glider. Its solid rock wall and standard ladder make getting up to the fort fun and its speedy wave slide makes coming down a thrill! The monkey bars are one more fun challenge that makes this playset owner's yard the best in the neighborhood!

* Price includes shipping to your home (lower 48 US states only)

Windsor II - SALE Playset Features

Item# 30109     features:   10 Foot Slide Grab Handles Rockwall Swing    

The Windsor II is the ULTIMATE playset with raised fort and all the goodies

  • Huge raised fort with bay windows and dormer
  • Covered 18 sq ft deck
  • Large 9.5 sq ft sundeck
  • Shaded 18 sq ft lower deck
  • 10' Wave Slide
  • 2 Belt swings
  • Two-person glider
  • Rock wall and standard ladder
  • Monkey Bars 
  • Upper deck dimensions: 87" x 45"
  • Upper deck height: 5'
  • Sand required: 7 cu ft


Windsor II - SALE Playset Specs

Item# 30109

Dimensions: 16' 10" W x 17' 8" D x 12' 4" H

Weight: 820 lbs.

Windsor II Footprint view larger footprint

Windsor II - SALE Playset FAQ

Q: Can I use a service to assemble my playset??

Many customers contract a service to assemble their set. However, PLEASE make sure YOU inventory all parts FIRST, before the contractor begins any work! If any parts are missing, go to our Support page and follow the prompts to order the parts. We'll send them to you free of charge. We are not responsible for ANY service fees for any reason.

Q: Can I use sand or mulch for the base of the playset??

Sand, mulch, and other soft materials are great for the ground under the playset area. However, the playset should NOT rest on these materials. You MUST make sure the ground is level and firm. You must also secure the set with stakes provided. Once the playset is securely resting on these solid footings, then you can surround it with your favorite soft material.